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Master Technician Package

w/Low and High Amp Clamps & Software


The New ADL7103 Two Channel Automotive Labscope/Ignition Scope includes:

· 50 Known Good Waveforms Displays

· Secondary Ignition Lead Set - For Distributor and Distributorless Ignition

· Heavy Duty Test Leads

· Extra Heavy Duty Internal Battery Pack for up to 6 hours of portability

· AC Power Adapter/Battery Charger

· DC Power Charger

· Operator's Manual

· Impact Resistant Case

· Secondary Ignition Trigger Pickup - For a Firing Order Parade Pattern

· Two Extended 10 ft. Lead Sets – One set for each channel

· Low Amp DC Current Probe - For Fuel Injector, Fuel Pump, Ignition Coil and Module, and All Current Ramping and Low Current Measurements Reads accurately down to 10 milliamps.

· High Amp DC Current Probe - Check amp flow with a meter or use with the Labscope to perform a relative compression test in just two seconds.

· Waveform Software -  Develop a library of known good and failure mode waveforms. Document problems and repairs.

· USB Cable - For use with Waveform Software.

· Labscope Coach™ Self Study Program for Mastery of the Instrument - includes: Workbook, Automotive Application Briefs and Unlimited Labscope HelpLine.  [We authorize our school customers to reproduce the written material as necessary for classes held at the school.]


This is a complete package of hardware, training materials, and unlimited access to our HelpLine for quick answers to Labscope related questions and includes a one year warranty and shipping.  














                           Includes Shipping (USA)

                  State Tax Collected for Residents of Georgia Only


            For Technical Data Call 1-888-717-1333

Text Box: This Package Meets California Requirements as an Ignition Analyzer.
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Perfect for Parasitic Draw Testing


Repeatable, Accurate Readings Down to 10mA



· Small Enough

      to fit in Tight Places

· Big Enough

      to go around any Battery Cable

· Zero Adjustment Button

      Holds Zero

· Use With a DMM or a Labscope – fast current draw analysis of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, ignition coils & modules



Output   100 mV per AMP

Current Range   1mA-30A

Frequency Range

DC to 20kHZ

Max. Conductor Size

19 mm (0.75”)

Includes: Application Briefs, Current Ramping Helpline, BNC to Banana Adaptor.     


$240 (when purchased separately)