Quick-Check Current Flow Testing Procedures

To check a circuit for Current Flow we recommend the following:

Current Testing Using a DMM


The procedure for measuring CURRENT is different from measuring voltage.

 When measuring VOLTAGE, the meter leads are connected to the points in the circuit being tested. Very little power (current) is drawn into the meter.


 When measuring CURRENT, the meter is connected in series and becomes part of the circuit being tested. All the power in the circuit flows through the meter.



1. Turn the meter ON.

2. Turn the rotary function switch to DC Amps.

3. Connect the test leads to the DMM;

a. Plug the black lead into the COM input,

b. Plug the red lead into the Amp input.

WARNING: Turn OFF power in the circuit before going to step 4.

 Do NOT check current flow exceeding the maximum amp rating of the DMM.

 If it is possible for amperage in the circuit to exceed the maximum rating of the DMM we recommend using the ACM6100 Clamp-on Current Probe.

4. Connect the test leads in series with the load under measurement.

5. Turn power to the circuit ON.

6. When measurements are complete:

WARNING:Turn circuit power OFF before

removing meter from the circuit.