Quick-Check Current Flow Testing Procedures

To check a circuit for Current Flow we recommend the following:

Current Testing Using a Labscope

· Measuring current flow with a DMM gives an average current flow readout. 

· Making a current flow measurement using a Clamp-on Adapter connected to a labscope will reveal millisecond-to-millisecond current changes. 

· For measuring current in rapidly changing circuits such as the starter motor or pulsed   circuits such as fuel injectors or ignition coils the labscope is the tool of choice.




There are two types of  Clamp-on Adapters:

1. High Amp:  Reads whole amps, usually up to several hundred amps.

2. Low Amp:  Reads fractions of an amp, usually in tens of milliamps.

                 A High-Amp Clamp connected to a Labscope can be used to make a Relative Compression Test in just two seconds of cranking.