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GREENThing Versatility - Handheld, Rechargable Battery Power, DC/AC.
Durability - Reliable, No Extended Maintenance Agreement Needed.
Economy - Affordable by a Technician.

Kit includes: 13 Foot HD Hose w/Probe, Soft Carry Case, Extra Filters, Operator’s Manual, Quick Start Tips,

Two Hour Fuel Efficiency Analysis DVD, Workbook, Charts, DC & AC Power Cords, Unlimited Helpline.

Easy to use:

  • 1 PUMP - ON/OFF
  • 2 IR PRINTER - Optional
  • 9 Connection to Power Charger
Automotive Scope Applications

Compatible With -

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Bio-Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • CNG
  • Propane
  • Alcohol
Specifications: GAS Carbon Monoxide Oxygen Hydrocarbons Carbon Dioxide Nitric Oxide
Resolution 0.01% 0.01% 1 ppm 0.10% 1 ppm
Range 0-10% 0-21% 0-10,000 ppm 0-16% 0-5000 ppm

Because GREENThing™ is Built To Order, Allow Two Weeks From Your Order Date For Delivery

Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Labscope Training
For the
Driveability Pro

The Ultimate
5 Gas Fuel Efficiency Analyzer
a Technician Can Afford

5 Gas Fuel Efficiency Analyzer
Helping the Environment is a

  • Measures DIESEL, Bio-fuel & Gasoline Exhaust
  • Alternative Fuels - Measures CNG & Propane
  • Measure all 5 Gasses - No Calculating Gasses
  • NO Annual Maintenance Agreement
  • Auto Self-Calibration - No Cal Gas Required
  • 255 Memory Locations & Graphing Software
  • Display A/F or Lambda
  • Powered by Rechargeable Battery or DC/AC
  • Includes Fuel Efficiency Analysis Training - DVD’s, Workbook, Charts
  • Backed by the Best Support in the Industry - Unlimited Helpline

GREENThing - Handheld Automotive

True 5 Gas Analyzer
For Answers to Technical Questions 
and to Place Your Order
Call 1-770-717-1333

Automotive Scope Applications


Automotive Scope Applications
  • Our GREENThing is made in England and serviced here in the USA.
  • True 5 Gas - All the gasses are Independently Measured.
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable battery (4 hours run time) or DC/AC power.
  • The Display Screen reveals all 5 Gasses, Time, Date, and Air/Fuel Ratio or Lambda.
  • The Memory can retain 255 test results.
  • The Pump has its own power switch for standby when not actually testing.
  • At only 2.2 pounds the New GREENThing really is handheld.
  • GREENThing works with DIESEL, Gasoline, CNG, Propane, and Bio-Fuel Exhaust Gas.
  • View and Graph the Gasses with Included Software.
  • ALL the important features… and affordable pricing.

Insist on GREENThing. Everything else is some other thing.


Drivability Solutions

When scanner results are non-specific, properly equipped technicians will use an Exhaust Gas Analyzer to make an almost immediate assessment of a driveability complaint to determine if the cause is fuel, ignition or something else. Most road testing is made unnecessary with the use of an Exhaust Gas Analyzer.

GREENThing DIESEL Capable, Feature Packed, Hand Held,
True 5 Gas Exhaust Analyzer.

Automotive Scope Applications
  • Calibrates on Fresh Air - Calibration Gas Unnecessary, Self-Calibrates on Start-up
  • Highly Reliable - No Annual Maintenance Agreement - Not Needed, Not Offered
  • Bluetooth™ Enabled to communicate wirelessly with your Computer
  • Software Enabled - Display Digital and Graphing Gasses on Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • Rechargeable Internal Battery - Total Portability for over Four Hours, then - DC or AC.
  • Automatic Altitude Pressure Compensation - for Best Accuracy
  • New, High Sensitivity Emission Reading Technology - Uses a Smaller Exhaust Gas Sample for testing, resulting in:
  • Improved Durability due to a reduced potential for water intrusion
  • Much Longer Filter Life – The Smaller Exhaust Gas Sample means fewer particulates to clog filters
  • Unlimited HelpDesk - 1-770-717-1333
  • Call for more Product Details

Affordable to Buy, Affordable to Keep.

  • Technician Affordable - Not Just a Shop-Tool
  • Only $4,195 plus shipping.

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Automotive Scope Applications, Inc.
3780 Old Norcross Road, Suite 103-480
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Automotive Test Products
Tools & Training

Call 1-770-717-1333

Automotive Scope Applications, Inc.
3780 Old Norcross Road, Suite 103-480
Duluth, GA 30096